Mangaloreans honour Ronald Colaco in London

Leaders and representatives of various associations and native Managloreans here hosted a gala dinner to honour NRE entrepreneur and philanthropist Ronald Colaco recently.

The felicitation programme was hosted at the residence of Richard Lobo, an enterprising entrepreneur settled in the UK for over four decades. The event was organized in appreciation of Colaco who has contributed immensely to the Mangalorean community worldwide through his philanthropist work. Jean Colaco, wife of Ronald Colaco was also present.

Ronald and Jean Colaco were given a red carpet welcome with the confetti and applause as they made their way to the venue. Melwyn Vaz welcomed the Colacos and introduced them to the audience.

Melwyn Vaz highlighted Ronald Colaco‚Äôs professional and entrepreneurial achievements, including the recent IQS award (New York 2013) in Gold Category for his Clarks Exotica Hotel. Some of the recent projects in the long list of charitable works undertaken by Colaco include constructing a road connecting five villages, the construction of Advocates’ Bhavan and donating Holy Rosary Church to the Catholic community of Venkatala/Yelahanka in Bangalore, which was built at a cost of Rs 27 million.

Host Lobo and other community members offered bouquet to Colaco couple as a token of appreciation of their work.

Speaking about her family’s association with Colaco’s family back in Mangalore, Cheryl recollected some of golden moments.

“It was his down to earth nature, modesty and humility that fits his description, that during the inauguration of Venkatala/Yelahanka Church, Archbishop Bernand Moras referred him as a ‘Glowing Example of Harmomy’.”

Colaco said that while his work is published in print and the electronic media, various charitable works done by Christine and Richard Lobo hardly get any mention in the media. He paid tributes to the Lobo couple for celebrating Nativity Feast every year at their residence in London with an open invitation to all Catholics in the United Kingdom. He said they are like God Parents to the Konkani community in London.

Talking about his philanthropic and charity work, Colaco said he is not helping anyone, but just performing his duty towards the community and repaying part of his debt to the very society that has given him so much. One of his life’s philosophies is to keep aside certain portion of his income for the needy and poor people.

Colaco also praised the Konkani community in London for promoting the Konkani language and culture through various events and traditional festivals.

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